Sue Abrams Productions Completes Two-Year Video
February, 2015

Sue Abrams Productions recently completed a two-year project documenting the modernization of Ash Grove Cement, in Midlothian, Texas. Video production spanned several days, over time. Clients AGGC and technology leader FLSmidth will use the produced video for community education, among other purposes. We thank both clients for a job that literally took us to new heights!

How we helped:

Explained a complicated and technical job in an engaging 4:00.

Worked with Plant Manager to accommodate a floating schedule, based on changing construction dates.

Captured video that makes a cement kiln, calciner, hot disc reactor—and of course—executives– look beautiful!

Helped disseminate key environmental benefits with an easy-to-understand motion graphics treatment.

Sue Abrams Productions, as featured in “DFW International Airport FY 2013 Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report”
March, 2014

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How do you ensure your web video’s message is heard—start to finish?
February, 2013

What’s the best way to tell your company’s story, online? Or—tell your company’s whole story. “More is more”, right? Actually, less is more. Web viewers’ attention spans seldom last longer than about two continuous minutes of Internet video content. So, they bail midstream, before your video reaches its call to action.

So, how can you tell your company’s story in just two minutes? Very effectively, using an experienced video production team. Think about it: Stories on the nightly news are slightly more than a minute long. One minute! After watching, you feel informed. If you want to know more, you look in the newspaper or search the Internet. Same thing with your video: You want people know your company’s points of distinction, hear your key messaging and get excited about your offerings. Interested viewers will contact your company for still more info. Your sales team can take it from there. Engaging, well-produced, concise videos give you a bigger bang for your buck than long-running web content.

If you feel you must include content that will push your web video beyond two minutes or so, ask your production company to create an additional “web-length” version. Check your web analytics and gauge tangible results. Ultimately, you may opt for the web version, so viewers can get the total picture, instead of just a portion of your pitch.

Another option: Your video production team can produce a long video in segments to be viewed together or as stand-alone web-length modules on several of your website’s pages, on the same page, or via a staggered web release. And, don’t forget to upload your web-length segments to your company’s YouTube channel, as an additional vehicle of free publicity!

Unlike web videos, content used in face-to-face presentations can last longer, because you have a “captive audience”. But you and your video production company should collaborate to keep content relevant and engaging, regardless of the end use.

By the way, this article would run two minutes, as a video.